Why us ?


Putting the right types of components in the right hands allows us to provide ironclad guarantees to our customers

  • All of our systems come with 10-year workmanship warranties that protect you from any performance dips or malfunctions resulting from defective installation.
  • All of our panels come with 30-year equipment warranties, which is 5 years longer than the industry average.
  • This type of hassle-free coverage ensures that your system continues generating clean and free electricity for decades to come.


What distinguishes us most of all is the tremendous focus we place on customer service. By understanding our clients’ needs, budgets, and goals, we’re able to produce outstanding results with each and every solar PV installation. And this is more than anything else, is what continues to help us move closer to our mission of outfitting every rooftop in Australia with affordable and powerful solar technology.

Again, this goal is ambitious. But it’s also very achievable given the country’s unique advantages. However, we’ve grown to realise that Australia’s solar positioning isn’t that unique.

True, we receive tonnes of year-round sunshine, making the country ideally suited for PV technology. But the ability to harness the sun’s power to reduce utility bills and eliminate CO2 emissions is universal worldwide.And that’s why we’ve decided to take Euro Solar International.


Every aspect of our company adheres to the strictest standards when it comes to certification, accreditation, safety, and training. We never cut corners in our quest to deliver superior service and quality to our users. Euro Solar is currently compliant with:

  • Australia’s Clear Energy Council
  • The ISO9001 Quality Standard
  • The ISO14001 Environmental Code
  • Workplace Health and Safety Guidelines
  • The AS4801 Safety Standard


Our customers benefit from some of the best prices in the industry. Because we buy so many high-quality solar components in bulk, we’re able to pass on those savings to our users. This cost competitiveness allows us to deliver some of the shortest solar payback periods and highest ROIs throughout Australia.