In so many ways, Australia is uniquely suited for harnessing solar energy. With abundant sunshine, expensive electricity, and growing demand for environmental action, this country was an ideal place to star our photovoltaic (PV) installation services.

Working in this particular market has allowed us to accomplish amazing things since launching in 2008. We are currently on track to outfit every rooftop in Australia with affordable solar panels. In fact, we’ve enjoyed so much success in this mission that Euro Solar has emerged as the country’s leading solar brand.However, this rise was no accident. It took years of time, effort, and commitment to building our brand and position ourselves as Australia’s official solar authority.



At Euro Solar, we only use the highest quality PV products in the industry. All of the solar components in our toolkit have been rigorously tested in the field and in the lab to ensure our customers receive the greatest value from their clean power investments:

  • Our solar inverter line includes everything from ABB to Solex to SMA.
  • When it comes to PV panels, we rely heavily on Trina, Q-Cells, and Seraphim.
  • Even our VG Solar racking systems were carefully tested and selected.


The Euro Solar design and installation team is one of the most experienced in the industry. Selectively recruited and highly trained, our solar experts can customise PV solutions for every rooftop imaginable, whether you want a 2 kW system for a small residential property or an 80 kW installation for a sprawling industrial complex.

To date, Euro Solar is responsible for nearly 100,000 kW of installed solar capacity throughout the country – spread across more than 30,000 PV systems nationwide.