Euro Solar Global

Expanding Eurosolar globally may seem like a massive undertaking. But if we can outfit a large number of rooftops in Australia with solar panels, we can certainly do the same thing worldwide. Admittedly, fulfilling this broader mission won’t happen overnight. But it will happen.

With your help, we can create an interconnected, and a global economy fueled entirely by free, clean, and limitless solar power. Again, this transition to a sun-powered future won’t happen overnight. It will be a slow process that unfolds one panel at a time. Such a future is inevitable, and it starts with Eurosolar.

What’s Next for EuroSolar

Euro Solar will continue expanding throughout Asia, Oceania, Africa, Europe, and the Americas until every rooftop around the world comes equipped with powerful PV technology. The planet belongs to everyone. But so does the sun. And we want to perform our part in helping people all over the globe tap into this rich and abundant source of energy. Imitators and competitors are welcome to join us since their involvement moves us even closer to the finish line. Just imagine, for a moment, what such a world might look like.

As we continue to make measurable progress in Australia, Euro Solar will expand its focus to India, a country where we’ll have to make certain adjustments as we branch into new territories. Many of the certifications and regulations specific to Australia are quite different in emerging markets like India. But there exist enough similarities such that India is a perfect fit for Euro Solar’s winning formula. And we won’t stop there.

Today, more nations around the world are embracing solar energy, because

  • Their citizens save money by reducing or eliminating utility bills.
  • Their governments save money by not importing as much fossil fuel.

Enough Sunshine

The sun is a nuclear reactor that sends us more power than we could ever possibly use. In fact, enough sunshine hits Earth every hour to cover the world’s electricity needs for an entire year.

PV panels are uniquely suited for tapping into that tremendous energy potential.

It is Scalable

It takes months to erect a wind turbine – and years to build a geothermal facility. And you don’t get any clean energy until the installation is 100% complete.

By contrast, solar begins delivering results immediately – whether you install a single PV cell or a whole series of arrays. This is because solar technology is infinitely scalable, making it suitable for handheld calculators, rooftop installations, space-based satellites, large PV farms in the desert.

It is Durable

Biodiesel, wind energy, and geothermal all use moving parts. As such, they break down easily from wear and tear.

By contrast, PV panels don’t have any moving parts. They run silently for decades without needing constant maintenance or upkeep.

Huge Environmental Savings

In addition to these financial savings, society also enjoys huge environmental savings as well. Remember that solar doesn’t pollute. These benefits exist worldwide. But they’re especially pronounced in Australia. After all, we have extremely expensive electricity and lots of sunshine. And more than most, we feel the direct impact of climate change as our coastlines recede and our coral reefs die off. We also have one of the highest skin cancer rates in the world due to our country’s depleted ozone layer.In other words, going solar is an easy decision for most Australians. But our job is to make that decision even easier. And we accomplish this by offering our clients:

  • The highest quality solar components on the market.
  • Installations performed by experienced solar professionals.
  • Unbeatable pricing, warranties, and protection.

This 3-pronged strategy ensures that our customers enjoy the greatest financial and environmental returns from their solar energy investments. And we won’t stop until every rooftop in Australia comes equipped with affordable, powerful, and durable PV panels. Euro Solar assist customers in getting the right solar panel installed so that they can make the most of their investment. We are helping our clients to know about premium quality solar panels, uses of the solar system and helping them to achieve sustainable future.

Eurosolar – Part of Global Green Revolution

Solar power’s dominance is inevitable – not just among green energy solutions, but across all power technologies. As Australia’s #1 photovoltaic (PV) installer, we’re obviously biased. Of course, we feel that solar is the best power technology in the world. However, even the International Energy Agency acknowledges that solar energy will become the world’s primary source of electricity by 2050. At Eurosolar, we just happen to think the transition will happen many years before that.

But if solar energy is so great, why hasn’t it already become universal worldwide?

Well, we would remind you that we’re still in the very beginning stages of the “solar revolution”. The earliest commercially viable PV cells date back to the 1950s. And they only delivered efficiency rates of 4%. But in the 60+ years since, the technology has improved dramatically. We’re talking about energy rates that often exceed 20%. And we’re not even close to reaching the theoretical limit of 86% efficiency. Remember that we’re still just getting started. But here’s what’s remarkable. We don’t need efficiency rates to improve. Even with current technology, solar power is on track to become the world’s #1 source of electricity.

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